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Butterscotch Call

  • These little birds are so pretty.   My favorites.  I cull for type with coloring and markings close behind.  I want hens with good eye stripes, and drakes with the correct head color and ring etc. I will be concentrating on butters in the years to come.

  • I had a huge hatch of butters this past year.  This allowed me to keep some top birds.   My daughter Michelle works with me on this variety.  She had the Best Variety at the Jr NCBA show this year and last year.  We also had the top 2 cockerels at the NCBA at Lucasville and at the Ohio National in 2007.  We had BV in the Open (Hen pictured above) and Jr show at the Ohio National in 2007.   In 2008 we had best pullet at the NCBA meet at the Ohio National.  Michelle also had best BV in the Jr show with a cockerel.

  • I feel that I have some top birds in my flock.  I have improved the depth of body on both the hens and the drakes.   My line is a hen line.  I have one drake that seems to produce all my show birds.  Hes amazing.  

  • I still have a few of my original breeders, and they are producing my seed stock.   My line is a combination of 3 lines.  This has given me a lot of options in my breeding pens.  I can continue to inbreed and outcross without getting low hatch rates or huge birds.