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Chocolate Call

  • We started with Chocolates in 2006.  I was forced to put my blacks into them when my drake was killed that breeding season. That really put me a year behind in my breeding. I acquired 2 trios in 07. One trio had a black base like my birds, and the other had a khaki base.

  • I have found that the black based birds produce a lot of white feathering after the first molt. This limits the show potential of the hens.  Iíve had the khaki based birds produce birds with both dark and light chocolate markings on their chests. These are interesting looking birds. However, I have a couple with excellent type.  Iím going to put them in the breeding pens and see what they can do.

  • Chocolates in general have a long way to go. I will be working in my breeding pens to eliminate patches of white on my birds and to decrease the amount of white produced during molt. 

  • Chocolates are my second favorite color behind the butterscotch. We had the 2nd and 4th place pullets at the Ohio National this year.