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  • Runners originated in costal regions of the Indo-Chinese Peninsula and Southeast Asia Islands. They are the original herding ducks. Today most people think of them as heavy egg producers.

  • When relaxed they stand at a 45-75 degree angle.   There bodies have a wine bottle shape.  They should have long graceful necks and no shoulders.  When at attention they should stand upright with their tails tucked between their legs. They can often be quite comical running around the barnyard.  Theyíre always in a hurry.

  • Our birds are the darker chocolates, and the drakes have the beautiful green sheens on their heads.   These are not the crazy hyper runners either. My youngest son uses them for showmanship.   Iím looking to breed birds with longer necks and a slimmer body type. Iíve added some blacks into the line that have improved type.

  • We have also added whites. We have an outstanding line bred pair, and we added another hen.  The competition in whites is pretty tough. There are some beautiful birds out there.  I didnít add any height to my drakes this year at all, but I gained about an inch with a few hens. Ryan had Best Light Duck with his old drake, Mr. Cloud, at the 07 Ohio National Jr. Show.   

  • We picked up a pair of gray runners at the 08 Ohio National. Ryan is looking forward to these ducklings in the spring.